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Free Tools from Google Make Life So Easy

    Free Tools from Google Make Life So Easy.

    Free Tools from Google Make Life So Easy
    Already know the various free tools from Google that can help users in doing certain jobs? If not, let's read this article to the end!

    You certainly already know that Google is a technology giant company that is very famous in the world. You must already know that Google can answer various questions through its search engine. Yes, the Google search engine is even considered a 'teacher' because it is able to answer all the questions we ask.
    In addition to the search engine, Google also has a variety of interesting tools, you know. To find out what the various Google tools are, see the list below!
    Various Free Tools from Google
    The following kinds of free tools from Google can make your life easier. Do not believe? Here we provide more information.

    Google Scholar

    You want to find scientific references to work on your thesis, dissertation, thesis or other types of scientific work? Google Scholar can help make your job easier!
    Google Scholar is a free tool from Google that is used to facilitate scholars to find references or scientific information and can be held accountable for its contents. So, what is the difference with the Google search engine?
    Indeed, you can search for scientific references via the Google search engine by entering keywords as needed. However, the Google search engine will display search results for the keywords you entered based on popularity. So, the search results that appear are not only scientific references, but also other information.
    Meanwhile, if you use Google Scholar, you will get search results that have been filtered only on scientific references that can be trusted and accounted for, for example from websites of scientific journals, libraries, universities and others.
    Interestingly, Google Scholar also allows users to create a custom profile. This special profile can be used to share writings or scientific works on Google Scholar itself. This is very suitable for those of you who work as scientific writers or researchers.

    Google Trends 

    The first free tool from Google is Google Trends. For those who struggle with website development, website content writing and digital marketers, they must be familiar with Google Trends.

    Google Trends is a tool from Google that provides data related to trends that occur on Google search pages. This trend, of course, fluctuates from time to time following what the most users search for through the Google search engine.

    Google Trends is known to have existed since 2006 ago. Until now, these free tools are still needed for certain purposes, one of which is developing a website.
    Interestingly, Google Trends is not only used to find out which topics are trending or are currently being highlighted by the public, but also to conduct keyword research. Yes, Google Trends users can indeed search for keywords that are popular in the eyes of the Google search engine. Not only searching, users can also compare various existing keywords to get the best.
    Well, this keyword research is an important step in developing a website. The purpose of keyword research is so that the website is perched on the list of the first pages of the Google search engine, which in the end gets a lot of visitors.
    Google Trends is easily accessible to anyone. So, those of you who may be novice users don't have to worry about a complicated and not user-friendly display. Google Trends is not like that.

    Google Alerts

    The next free tool from Google is Google Alerts. What's this for? Google Alerts can be used to find updated articles and news based on user-defined keywords or keywords. Well, besides Google Trends, Google Alerts is also an important tool for website developers and website article writers.

    Google Jamboard

    You must be familiar with the blackboard, right? But, did you know that Google has a tool that can be used for super-sophisticated whiteboards called Google Jamboard?
    Yes, Google Jam board can be said to be a real breakthrough in the digital world which turns conventional whiteboards into digital ones. If a conventional whiteboard uses chalk and markers, Google Jamboard simply uses your finger to write something down.

    Not only writing, Google Jamboard users can also take pictures from the Google search engine as needed. In addition, this tool also supports cloud services so that work will be automatically saved to the cloud.

    In general, Google Jamboard is used by large companies for presentation activities. Well, for those of you who are new to Google Jamboard, let's try this Google tool right now!
    For example, you want to find the latest articles or news about

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